Simplified Instrument Guidance

Simplify your endoscopic instrument guidance at the spine with RIWOtrack electromagnetic navigation system

For full-endoscopic spine surgery precise guidance and control of instruments are mandatory. 
With the help of RIWOtrack high-performance electromagnetic navigation system, consisting of smart software functions and premium hardware components, full-endoscopic procedures can be performed under permanent guidance without the need for additional x-ray, e.g. for needle placement.
In addition, the surgeon continuously receives further visual information about the exact positioning of the working sleeve and is consequently able to perform a procedure more efficiently.
The intuitive workflow opens the possibility of an easy and fast setup of the system and helps the surgeon and the OR staff to get familiar with all components quickly.

Main Components

Perfect Target Guidance

The RIWOtrack system guides the surgeon to the defined target point with the help of the Guidance Target view. The correct approach can be also checked on the AP and lateral navigation image at the same time.

Extended Visual Dimension

The RIWOtrack software is perfectly adapted to the Endocam Logic 4K camera system where all visual information can be shown at once at the main 55” monitor. The surgeon can focus on one monitor for more surgical comfort. Enabled by the Cube™ RIWOtrack navigation unit, which is equipped with 4K input.


RIWOtrack electromagnetic spinal navigation for full-endoscopic spine surgery.

Case performed by Dr. Rütten, Dr. Komp Team at St. Anna Hospital Herne / Germany

RIWOtrack, substantial tracking system for all full-endoscopic procedures at the spine designed for day-to-day use in the operating theatre.

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* The RIWOtrack system is only available for CE market